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Razor Bumps Prevention

Razor bumps is just one of the unwanted natural reactions that can occur when surface irritation, inflammation, and infection take place after shaving a part of the body. Both men and women face the threat of these pimple-like blemishes that can cause quite a stir on their cheeks, legs, chest, neck, chin, arm pits, and genital region. However, there are plenty of prevention methods to consider that aid in lessening the risk. In order to gain better control over the appearance and status of your skin – a combination of protection from contamination and finding shaving methods that cause the least amount of irritation is key.

When looking for techniques and helpful tips for completing a successful, bump-free shave – it basically comes down to:

Shaving Practices:

How you approach the removal of body hair will contribute to your risk of developing razor bumps. There are many different pieces of shaving equipment to consider and not every part of the body will react in the same manner to straight razors, electric shavers, disposable razors, and clippers. It is important to note that shaving habits, such as shaving too close or applying too much pressure can irritate the skin – causing razor bumps to emerge.

Skin Protection:

Protecting the skin is a practice that should take place before and after hair removal. Shavers should become familiar with how exfoliation, moisturizers, cooling agents, specific shaving product ingredients, shaving creams and gels can protect the skin against the formation of razor bumps.

Successfully removing hair from the body isn’t an impossible task to endure, but your success in preventing razor bumps depends on whether or not you choose to treat each body part as a separate mission. For women, the kind of equipment and approach used to shave the legs should differ when tending to the bikini line or genital region. For men, certain features of the face and skin will play an important role regarding the level of irritation one will encounter. Additionally, many outside factors can affect shaving the various parts of the body that display unwanted hair, including:

  • Physical Features
  • Hereditary Traits
  • Condition of Hair Follicles
  • Shaving Frequency
  • Skin Sensitivity
  • Quality and Choice of Shaving Equipment
  • Shaving Habits

Overall, it is important to become familiar with the numerous options available to you when it comes to removing unwanted hair so you can lessen your chances of suffering the unattractive spread of razor bumps.

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