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Baxter of California Razor Bump Relief

To calm the irritation of skin ravished by razor bumps and ingrown hairs, an increasing amount of people are discovering the benefits of Baxter of California Razor Bump Relief – a post-shave serum made for men. It is through the distinct combination of salicylic acid (an antiseptic and antibacterial agent) and witch hazel (which helps decrease skin inflammation, itching, and irritation) that Razor Bump Relief is able to make shaving less of a hassle.

Decreased burning sensations of the skin takes place with Baxter of California Razor Bump Relief because there is no alcohol added to the formula. Instead, allantoin soothes the skin, while aloe vera gel fights against dryness. Overall, the product creates a smoother appearance to the face, as well as rejuvenates tired skin. Razor bump relief is inevitable with the help of ingredients, such as willow bark extract, meadowsweet flower extract, green tea leaf extract, and tea tree leaf oil. Joining the power of salicylic acid is the benefits of witch hazel, which works towards exfoliating the skin so that hair shafts do not cause the kind of irritation that leads to razor bumps.


Apply a small amount of Razor Bump Relief to problem regions two times per day until you see an improvement in the appearance of your skin. Massage the product into affected areas. Keep in mind that this is not a product that should be rinsed off. When improved skin emerges, use the product once per day right after shaving.


It is recommended to use sun protection when using Baxter of California Razor Bump Relief.


It is suggested to try out a small amount of the product on a “test” patch of skin before applying Baxter of California Razor Bump Relief on a large area. If any irritation to the skin or prolonged stinging sensations is encountered, it is suggested to stop using the product. It is also important to follow the directions printed on the label to avoid any skin reactions. Do not put this razor bump treatment on children. Also, do not exceed the recommended applications for this product.

Average Price: ~ $18
Overall Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

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