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Black Opal Razor Bump Solution Shave System

To treat and prevent razor bumps, consumers have found relief with the Black Opal Razor Bump Solution Shave System – a welcomed product line aimed at hairs that curl back into the skin and create unwanted blemishes. Instead of shying away from shaving the face and other body parts, consider the razor bump treatment that goes beyond typical solutions, which generally focus on eradicating bumps after they develop.

Instead, the Black Opal Razor Bump Solution Shave System offers a three-step regimen that puts an end to razor bumps before they even have a chance to start. The system is comprised of:

Anti-Bump Cleanser:

With the help of micro-beads that exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, this cleanser gently lifts ingrown hairs from under the surface of the skin. Step 1 supplies skin with deep cleaning comfort that eliminates oil, dirt, and bacteria. The end result is cleaner skin and a reduced threat of infection.

Anti-Bump Shave Gel:

Limit the number of nicks, cuts, and irritation that often come with the shaving process, as the shave gel prepares the face for effortless hair removal. The gel also softens thick beards and prevents unruly hairs from forming.

Anti-Bump Treatment:

Step 3 consists of a quick-acting formula that gets rid of bacteria and encourages the natural healing process of the skin. In the end, a shaver encounters less visible irritation and inflammation.

Overall, the Black Opal Razor Bump Solution Shave System provides an effective system that clears up irritating razor bumps and puts an end to new bumps. The skin becomes protected, soothed, and softer. Healthy looking skin is no longer out of reach. All of the above benefits to using the Black Opal 3-step system are made possible with ingredients, such as various root extracts, peppermint leaf oil, eucalyptus, witch hazel leaf extract, glycerin, tea tree oil, myrrh, geranium, sage, and salicylic acid.


To use the anti-bump cleanser, make sure to apply before shaving. Wet your face and massage the product into regions ready for shaving. Rinse with warm water. When applying the anti-bump shave gel, wet the skin after applying the cleanser and apply to desired areas for shaving. To treat pre-existing razor bumps, apply two to three drops of the anti-bump treatment to affected areas two times per day in order to reduce inflammation and irritation.


The anti-bump treatment works best on the face and neck, where you should use your fingertips to massage the product into the skin using a circular motion. When looking to buy Black Opal Razor Bump Solution products separately, keep in mind that the anti-bump cleanser is only available with the purchase of the shave kit.

Average Cost: $20
Overall Rating: 4 ½ out of 5

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