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Natural and Home Remedies – Razor Bumps on Bikini Area

Your debut on the beach this summer is certainly marred when razor bumps attack your freshly shaved bikini line. The redness and pimple-like appearance that comes when hair follicles are clogged and natural hair growth patterns become disrupted requires remedies that will lessen your visual and physical discomfort, as infected razor bumps usually fill with pus and increase in color.

To ease the symptoms that accompany razor bumps – it is suggested to consider the various home and natural remedies available to you:

Natural Remedies

Aloe Vera:

When seeking a natural treatment for razor bumps – look for the assistance of the aloe vera plant – a native northern African gem that produces a sap with a knack for easing pain and decreasing inflammation. Some people actually grow these plants in their home and when circumstances call for its healing properties – they simply break off a leaf and use the sap.

Essential Oils:

If you really want to combat razor bumps and their symptoms – create a mixture of the following essential oils: lavender (provides healing properties), chamomile (puts an end to inflammation), and tea tree (serves as an effective antiseptic). Rub sparingly on affected areas.

Home Remedies

Hair Conditioner:

Some people like to use regular hand soap to prepare their hairs for shaving, but razor bump-prone skin will best react to the use of hair conditioner over the typical bar of soap. Shavers can take advantage of the higher level of lubrication that comes with a decent lather. Conditioner contains non-drying ingredients that most hand soaps do not possess and can also soften ingrown hairs that have caused razor bumps to form on your skin after a shave.

Common Arm Deodorant:

Dancers and swimmers who typically experience an exposed bikini line have used the secret of applying a very thin layer of deodorant to freshly shaved regions as an attempt to prevent the formation of razor bumps. You should only apply this home remedy after gently drying the skin.

Aspirin Toner:

When you wish to soothe and heal razor bumps, create an aspirin toner that consists of three drops of glycerin (found at any drugstore); ¼ cup of water; and two aspirin. Simply combine the ingredients in a bowl until the aspirin has completely dissolved. Next, apply this soothing mixture to affected areas using a cotton ball – allowing it to absorb into the skin. Keep in mind that this home remedy loses potency rather quickly – so mixing a fresh batch for each use is highly recommended.

Vitamin C Supplements:

Taking Vitamin C supplements and making small changes to your diet can add to your ability to conquer razor bumps. When altering your diet to include healthier foods (especially those with a decent amount of Vitamin C – like strawberries, papaya, oranges, broccoli, and guava), you can add to the razor bump-fighting power of your immune system that encourages skin to heal faster.

Cream for Diaper Rash:

The same cream used to soothe a baby’s bottom is the same home remedy that can lessen the effects of razor bumps that appear after a fresh shave of the bikini line.

Combine Strawberries and Sour Cream:

When looking for a way to ease the discomfort and redness associated with razor bumps – apply a mixture consisting of a couple of mashed strawberries and a spoonful of sour cream to the affected area. Let sit for ten minutes and repeat once again in the week for the best results.

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    The best way to trim your bikini area is without a razor blade!!! If you use the Phillips Bodygroom BG2030, you will NEVER have a single bump or blemish!!!! EVER!!!

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