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Natural and Home Remedies – Razor Bumps on Chin

Forget about the prescription your doctor or dermatologist may suggest for the treatment of your razor bumps because you could actually cause more harm than good. Many ingredients in chemical-based products can bring redness, dry skin, and irritation. If you have sensitive skin – the outcome is worse. Before turning towards the wonders of man-made science, try considering some of the many natural and home remedies for razor bumps – some of which are tucked away in your kitchen.

Natural Remedies

Fruit and Nut Face Scrubs:

Facial scrubs are good at removing the dead skin cells that cause razor bumps to form after a fresh shave. Common ingredients (like apricots, peaches, and nuts) are added to remove particles and reduce irritation to the skin.

The Oil of Tea Tree:

When combined with other ingredients (like benzoyl peroxide), tea tree oil has become a popular addition to medicated shaving products. This natural ingredient has a reputation for entering the hair follicles after a shave to combat the bacteria that creates infected razor bumps.


When shaving the chin, it is quite common to nick or cut the skin. To stop the bleeding and fight infection (with antibacterial power) – it is suggested to use the natural mineral called alum – which comes in block, stick, powder, and crystal form.

Home Remedies


If you are suffering a razor bump because of an ingrown hair, it is a good idea to extract the offending hair with the help of a short-bristled toothbrush. Try gently massaging the bump with a toothbrush using a circular motion. It is also suggested to repeat this ritual on a regular basis.

Add Vitamin C to Your Diet:

There has been a link discovered between the severity of razor bumps and the ability of the immune system to fight the “foreign body” reaction that takes place when a hair curls back into the skin. Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of nutrients and vitamins to ensure your skin is quickly restored. It is suggested to seek out foods that contain a decent amount of Vitamin C.

Badger Hair:

Use a shaving brush with badger hair to soften and lift ingrown hairs – a common cause of razor bumps. This kind of shaving equipment has the ability to produce a rather rich lather that can successfully lift the coarse hairs growing in a beard.

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