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Natural and Home Remedies – Razor Bumps on Legs

If you rush through the process of shaving your legs, you stand to face an unsightly eruption of pimple-like bumps surrounded by unwanted redness. The cause of razor bumps (also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae) is associated with a handful of factors, including using an unsanitary blade; causing infection through nicks and cuts; using dull blades that leave behind jagged hair tips that grow out at an angle; and poor pre- and post-shaving habits. However, you can find effective remedies right within the comfort of your own home that can soothe skin and ease the visible appearance of razor bumps.

Natural Remedies

Alum Stick:

The natural mineral, alum, works as an antibacterial agent to hinder the growth of bacteria that can turn simple razor bumps into infected pustules. If your razor bumps show signs of a mild infection – apply alum powder or crystals as a natural remedy.

Use Tea Tree Oil:

Not many people are aware of the antiseptic power of tea tree oil, which can be used to fight the bacteria that causes infection in razor bumps.

Cool Down with Aloe Vera:

The inflammation and pain that comes with a bout of razor bumps can be naturally treated with aloe vera – a plant native to Northern Africa that produces a sap known to combat irritation and lessen your pain.

Home Remedies


When shaving your legs in the shower, a home remedy that is often successful in preparing the skin for a decent shave is hair conditioner. The ingredients found in this common household product can soften hairs, which ultimately leads to less irritation.

Baby Rash Cream:

Diaper rash cream has been known to treat an outbreak of razor bumps when applied as soon as signs of irritation emerge.

Aspirin and Glycerin:

Create an aspirin and glycerin mixture to sooth the irritation that comes with razor bumps. Add three drops of glycerin, ¼ cup of warm water, and two crushed aspirin tablets to create a paste. Stir the ingredients until the aspirin dissolves. With a cotton ball in hand – apply the paste to your skin until you experience a soothing sensation.

Alter Your Food Choices:

Foods that contain a great deal of Vitamin C can help battle against razor bumps because of its positive effect on the immune system. A couple of suggestions include: broccoli, guava, kiwi, papaya, and strawberry.

Sour Cream and Strawberries:

A combination of a couple of mashed strawberries and a spoonful of sour cream creates a lotion perfect for after shaving. Place on the legs for ten minutes to ease visible irritation and razor bumps. It is suggested to repeat once again during the week to achieve the best results.

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