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Natural and Home Remedies – Razor Bumps on Male Genitals

The thin skin found about the male genitals makes this part of the body rather difficult to approach when it comes to shaving unwanted hair. One false move and you could suffer the irritation and inflammation associated with razor bumps (or pseudofolliculitis barbae). Since the genitals are a breeding ground for bacteria and sweat – possible infection is a common concern with shavers. Just one nick or cut can increase the discomfort caused by razor bumps.

When you want quick and effective relief – some items found around the house can lend a helping hand. Natural approaches towards treating razor bumps are also perfect for handling such a delicate issue.

Natural Remedies

Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera is a stemless or short-stemmed succulent plant that is native to northern Africa, but has made a huge impact in the Western world. The plant’s sap has a reputation for soothing pain and reducing inflammation, which is great for naturally treating razor bumps.

Home Remedies


A lot of topical razor bump remedies that involve aspirin rely on a key ingredient – acetylsalicylic acid – that is related to the salicylic acid often seen in popular acne medications. Salicylic acid not only treats razor bumps and ingrown hairs, but also exfoliates the skin. Aspirin also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that lessens swelling and combats mild infection.

Blend Strawberries and Sour Cream:

Did you know that mashed strawberries and a spoonful of sour cream could ease the irritation associated with razor bumps on the genitals? Apply the mixture to your affected areas and allow it to settle in for ten minutes.

Diaper Rash Cream:

Some people have reported to reduce the severity of razor bumps by applying diaper rash cream as soon as signs of an outbreak arise.

Prepare with Conditioner:

If you have skin that is prone to the formation of razor bumps after a fresh shave, sooth the skin with hair conditioner, which creates lather that softens hairs and lessens irritation. You can also soften new hair growth using conditioner as a daily solution.

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