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Natural and Home Remedies – Razor Bumps on Vagina

Not too many women are keen on how to remedy razor bumps in the vagina region that come after a fresh shave. The topic of discussion is often too embarrassing for most to entertain with their physician or the pharmacist at the local drug store. To make sure you don’t cause any further irritation, consider some of the natural and home remedies listed below when you are in need of razor bump relief:

Natural Remedies

Apply Aloe Vera:

Whether you purchase a product at the local drugstore or grow your own plant – aloe vera has a reputation for alleviating pain and treating inflammation, which can come in handy when fighting off razor bumps.

Home Remedies

Lubricate with Conditioner:

If you are prone to razor bumps, use hair conditioner as a decent lubricant – known for creating a decent lather and is perfect for preparing delicate parts of the body for the removal of hair. When razor bumps are already present, consider concocting a watered-down conditioner solution to treat new hairs emerging from follicles.


Every time a sensitive region is shaved, dancers and other people who routinely wear a bathing suit or leotard have treated freshly shaved body parts with a very light layer of common arm deodorant to prevent razor bumps.

Baby Cream: When you apply the same cream used for diaper rash on babies to your razor bumps, you can decrease the severity of an outbreak.

Strawberries and Sour Cream Mixture:

Combine a couple of mashed strawberries and a spoonful of sour cream to create a “lotion” that is perfect for after a fresh shave. Apply the mixture to the vagina once the signs of razor bumps appear and allow the ingredients to absorb into the skin for ten minutes. For the best results, repeat the process once more during the week.


Place two aspirin into a cup of warm water and wait until the aspirin have completely dissolved into the liquid. Apply the paste-like mixture to the skin – note that it will be runny. Let the paste settle into the skin for at least five minutes, followed by a rinse of warm water to remove the ingredients. Keep in mind that this home remedy calls for uncoated aspirin.

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