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Razor Bumps on Bikini Area

Whether you’ve just booked a Spring Break flight to Miami or you’re getting ready to strut your stuff at the local beach this summer, if you’re going to wear a bikini – then you will need to eliminate the wayward strands of hair emerging beyond the fabric. However, if you rush while shaving or ignore common techniques, then you stand to face the embarrassment of unsightly razor bumps, which can put your bikini-strutting on hold for a couple of days.


The coarse hair found in the bikini region is highly susceptible to the development of razor bumps that usually resemble a red rash consisting of small bumps on the skin. When hair follicles become infected – the little bumps arise and can appear red, yellow, brown, flesh colored, and filled with pus.


Nowadays, shaving the hair located “down under” has become a popular grooming technique for both men and women. Razor bumps are no stranger to both sexes and when it comes to better understanding the causes, it is suggested to scan the list below:

a) Dry Hair:

To ensure the best shave, it is recommended to wet your hair well before applying a razor to your bikini line. The ideal approach is to shave after taking a bath or shower. Another method is to apply a warm, soapy washcloth to the region for at least two minutes to soften the skin and prepare the hairs for shaving. Wet hair cuts better and more evenly than dry hair.

b) Condition of the Blade: The condition of your blade can easily compromise the shaving of the bikini line. Rinsing the blade often is a must, as you don’t want any excess hairs interfering with your shaving strokes.

c) Shaving Lotion:

To decrease the unwanted signs of shaving (like redness and unsightly razor bumps), don’t ignore the power of shaving lotions and cooling gels as an aftercare measure.

d) Bacteria:

Razor bumps appear where there is irritation and infection, which means it is important to scrub the bikini-line with an antibacterial soap to limit the amount of bacteria on the skin before and after a shave.

e) Nutrients:

Since bacteria can lead to hair bumps, it is suggested to make sure your body is getting enough vital nutrients required to fight off infection. A good way to start is to take flax oil for flushing out your system, as well as daily vitamin C to make sure your immune system is in tip-top shape.

f) Clean Grooming Tools:

If you are using hair combs, picks, or brushes to groom the hair in your bikini region – make sure that they have been cleaned before a new shave. Wiping them down with alcohol and hot water is a decent measure to follow.

g) Long Hairs:

If your hairs in the bikini region are too long to shave – it is suggested to use clippers or scissors to reduce the volume. Long strands of hair can clog a razor and increase the chances of irritation, nicks, and cuts.

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