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Razor Bumps on Vagina

A popular trend in body hair modification is to simulate the Brazilian bikini wax by completely shaving off all of the hair located in the vagina region. Unfortunately, this delicate part of the body is susceptible to the emergence of unpleasant blemishes called ‘razor bumps.’ However, learning the causes of this condition can help keep your skin healthy and irritation-free.


When shaving the vagina, women often run the risk of developing razor bumps because the skin is rather sensitive in this region. Depending on the color of a shaver’s skin – the bumps could appear pink, red, yellow, brown, or purple in color. Most often, the bumps emerge as a rash surrounded by redness and irritation. If the bumps become infected – they may display pus in the center.


In order to avoid razor bumps, it is suggested to become familiar with the various factors that can cause this condition to occur in the first place. Common offenses include:

a) Shaving Interferences:

Razor bumps appear when irritation, nicks, and cuts to the skin have taken place. To avoid interference when shaving, make sure to rinse the blade often in order to remove hairs that may cause disruption.

b) Grooming Tools:

Since bacteria can settle in on the hair combs, brushes, and picks you may use to groom your pubic hair, it is suggested to wipe down all tools with alcohol to avoid the threat of razor bumps from bacterial irritation.

c) Shaving Techniques:

When shaving the pubic area, it is suggested to follow an upwards motion if you wish to reduce the risk of razor bumps.

d) Presence of Bacteria:

Razor bumps are known to dwell where irritation and infection have settled in on the skin. To avoid this occurrence from taking place, it is suggested to wash the vagina with antibacterial soap to remove lingering bacteria.

e) Habit of Shaving Dry:

Sooner or later…you will learn that a dry shave only spells trouble for the hairs located about the vaginal region. Hairs are more likely to suffer an uneven cut and then grow back at an angle – causing razor bumps to appear. Instead, start shaving the vagina after a warm bath or hot shower after the skin has softened and pores have opened up.

f) Aftercare Measures:

To lessen irritation, redness, and the threat of razor bumps, do not ignore the benefits of applying a shaving lotion or cooling gel after shaving your vagina.

g) Extreme Sensitivity:

The pubic region is already ultra-sensitive because the skin is rather thin in this area and quite prone to cuts. This is why it is important not to rush shaving this area and to follow proper techniques.

h) Skin:

A blade snagging on the folds of your skin can cause razor bumps to emerge. Shaving with your legs far apart can maintain taut skin and reduce the chances of nicking.

i) Menstruation:

Women should know that sensitivity in the pubic region increases when she is on her period. Perhaps, you should avoid shaving the vagina at this time to reduce the chances of irritation.

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3 Responses to “Razor Bumps on Vagina”

  1. Mrs. Hood
    May 1, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    If you get the bumps Clean the area realy good with a mild soap. Pat dry then apply a little peroxide to the area. Let dry and apply Gold bond anti-itch loction if it itches very bad. Last I would apply Vagisil Talc free powder. In about 3 days they were gone!!!!

  2. simone h.
    September 21, 2011 at 7:37 pm #

    also when dealing with razor bumps u might just have to stop shaving all together and try a product like Nair. Nair is a liquid used to remove unwanted hair.

  3. jaya
    May 27, 2012 at 11:27 am #

    shave down not up. Shaving up will cause very bad irritation and more razor bumps. Follow the grain not against the grain

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