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Treatments for Razor Bumps on Arm Pits

How many times have you been in a hurry at the start of the day and skimp on the time it takes to effectively shave your arm pits? Rush through this delicate procedure and you could suffer the irritation and pain of a nick or cut, which only worsens after you apply deodorant.

If you are overcome by a stinging sensation and rash of small bumps – prepare yourself for pseudofolliculitis barbae (better known as razor bumps). However, keep in mind that you can lessen the severity of this cumbersome irritation with proper treatment methods like the ones listed below:

a) Use a Sterilized Needle:

A sterilized needle can serve as a rather effective tool in lifting embedded hairs out of a follicle, which lessens the irritation that may have led to your razor bumps.

b) Over-the-Counter Astringent:

After washing your arm pits, consider applying an astringent product to treat razor bumps.

c) Stop the Bleeding:

When it comes to using treatments to stop the bleeding that comes with irritated razor bumps – consider the healing power of styptics. At the drugstore, you will find products called a styptic pencil or styptic powder. Using this specific kind of anti-hemorrhagic agent – you will work towards contracting skin tissue to seal injured blood vessels.

d) Over-the-Counter Antibiotics:

When razor bumps have appeared on the arm pits after a shave – local antibiotics have a knack for clearing up any possible infection that may linger when you have nicked or cut the skin.

e) Use a Pair of Tweezers:

When an ingrown hair is the culprit behind your razor bumps – you can bring relief and quicker healing by using a pair of tweezers to extract the hairs causing your discomfort and irritation.

f) Use Shaving Lotion:

A great treatment for the underarms is to apply shaving lotion, which is known to reduce the appearance of redness associated with razor bumps.

g) Avoid Deodorant:

The ingredients found in most deodorants and anti-perspirants can cause razor bumps to worsen. Try to avoid using such products until the irritation has subsided.

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