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Treatments for Razor Bumps on Bikini Area

Whenever you shave a part of the body where delicate skin is found – you face the risk of redness, irritation, inflammation, and possible infection of the hair follicles and surrounding skin. Depending on the kind of shaving method you select; level of preparation; skin sensitivity; and post-care – you may or may not suffer a bout of pseudofolliculitis barbae – also known as razor bumps.

Similar to an acne breakout – razor bumps can cause great discomfort. Don’t you think it’s about time you learned how to treat this common condition?

a) Use a Clean Needle:

First, sterilize a needle by holding it to a flame and wiping off with rubbing alcohol. Next, use the clean needle to free embedded hairs causing your razor bumps.

b) Apply Shaving Lotion:

Shaving lotion is known to treat the redness that comes with razor bumps by reducing its irritated appearance.

c) Advanced Technology:

Severe cases of pseudofolliculitis barbae have responded well to laser hair treatments, which destroy unwanted hair follicles and lessen the number of razor bumps that form on the skin. It is important to note that some hair may regrow and return to its normal thickness after six to twelve months.

d) Wash Two Times a Day:

Washing your bikini line with antibacterial soap (two times per day) is a decent way to battle a bumpy rash.

e) Apply Cortisone:

Promote healing and skin relief when applying an over-the-counter hydrocortisone product to areas affected by razor bumps.

f) Alum:

All kinds of skin types can tolerate the natural mineral called alum, a proven lifesaver that served Egyptians more than 4,000 years ago. Treating shaving nicks, cuts, oily skin, irritations, and bleeding – alum has been known to calm the symptoms of razor bumps. Apply the powder or stick form of alum onto the bikini line to see results.

g) Salicylic Acid Treatments:

When purchasing products to eliminate your razor bump problem – reach for the ones that contain the dermatological-grade ingredient of salicylic acid, which possesses a knack for moisturizing, exfoliating, and clearing the pores.

h) Avoid Products with Alcohol:

Avoid excessively dry skin and additional irritation that comes when alcohol-heavy products are used after a fresh shave. Instead – rely on items that contain moisturizing and soothing agents.

i) Do Not Pick At Bumps:

It is suggested to avoid picking at or squeezing any razor bumps that have infiltrated your bikini region. You will only increase your risk of infection and additional inflammation.

j) Anti-Bacterial Products:

When razor bumps have attacked your bikini line, it is important to keep this area as clean as possible to avoid infection. Promote healing by using anti-bacterial after-shave products.

k) Azulene:

Calm the irritation and inflammation of razor bumps on the bikini line by applying a product that contains azulene (a derivative of German chamomile) that effectively soothes the skin.

l) Apply a Local Antibiotic:

When razor bumps have become infected, it is suggested to apply a local antibiotic to affected areas.

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