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Treatments for Razor Bumps on Chin

One of the most continuously hairy parts of the male face is the chin, where beards can get pretty out of hand if you don’t take the time to shave unwanted hair. However, if you rush through the process or cause a nick in the skin – the common affliction of (pseudofolliculitis barbae) – better known as ‘razor bumps’ can take over the cleanliness and smooth appearance of your chin. If you should suffer a bout of these pimple-like eruptions – consider the following treatment options below:

a) Sterilized Needle:

Depending on the severity of your razor bumps – you can use a sterilized needle to raise embedded hairs to encourage them to emerge straighter out of the follicle, which lessens the amount of overall irritation that the skin sustains.

b) Soft-Bristle Brush:

Use a soft-bristle face brush coupled with a liquid cleanser to dislodge the tips of ingrown hairs that have caused a ruckus on the surface of your skin. Make sure to use a circular motion on the beard, which will also remove the dead skin cells that tend to clog pores and cause additional irritation.

c) Tetracycline:

If you are suffering severe pseudofolliculitis barbae, tetracycline has proven rather effective in treating skin irritations, such as acne. While good at combating the bacteria that brings infection, you should know that the strength of tetracycline is reduced when taken with aluminum, iron, zinc, milk, yogurt, indigestion remedies, common antacids, and over-the-counter heartburn medications.

d) Laser Treatments:

Laser treatments can destroy hair follicles in troublesome parts of the body, where razor bumps are worst. A recent study showed that after three months – the average number of bumps in treated sites was significantly lower when compared to untreated sites.

e) Use an Astringent:

Dab an over-the-counter astringent to your chin when razor bumps appear, which can also prevent infection from taking place.

f) Change Your Diet:

Give your immune system a boost and create healthier skin by cutting down on the amount of foods you eat that contain high levels of fats, oils, cholesterol, and sodium – all of which can affect the skin’s ability to fight off razor bump irritation.

g) Quit Shaving:

If you can – give shaving a rest for a bit of time to ease a case of pseudofolliculitis barbae. For some, allowing a beard to grow out just a quarter-inch has made all the difference in encouraging razor bumps to disappear.

h) Over-the Counter Cortisone:

When razor bumps appear on the chin, treat an outbreak with an over-the-counter hydrocortisone product that is effective in soothing irritated skin and speeding up the healing process.

i) Prescription Medications:

To enhance the healing process, seek the advice of a physician who can recommend a prescription to treat your razor bump problem. For example, medication that contains glycolic acid (like Neo-Strata) has provided results in patients looking for bump-free skin.

j) Styptic Powder:

Have you ever heard of styptic pencils or styptic powder? One of the ingredients in this helpful shaving secret is called alum – which works to stop bleeding and combat infection of irritated skin – especially when it comes to inflamed razor bumps. This item is found at the majority of local drugstores.

k) Choose Beneficial Skin Care Products:

Post-shave products containing salicylic acid can moisturize, exfoliate, and clear your pores – making it easier to combat your razor bumps.

l) Don’t Pick:

You will only make matters worse if you pick or squeeze at infected razor bumps.

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