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Treatments for Razor Bumps on Male Genitals

Women are not the only ones that like to remove hair from their genitals, as it is not as uncommon as one would think to find men who enjoy shaving “down there.” However, the skin is thin and delicate in this region – producing a rather volatile environment filled with sweat and bacteria that can compromise an irritation-free shave. Accidentally nick or cut yourself while shaving and a bridge is built between bacteria and your skin. Don’t be surprised if small, pimple-like bumps called razor bumps begin to emerge. The following treatment suggestions can help bring your smoothness back:

a) Wash Twice a Day:

When razor bumps appear on the genital region, it is suggested to fight back by washing the area two times per day with antibacterial soap.

b) Avoid Products Containing Alcohol:

After shaving your genitals, applying alcohol will only irritate the skin further after razor bumps have appeared.

c) Fight Infection with Antibiotics:

A local antibiotic can help clear up infected razor bumps and prevent bacteria from entering any possible nicks and cuts you may have encountered during a shave.

d) Do Not Bother Bumps:

Since the skin is rather delicate on this part of the body, picking at or squeezing razor bumps will only cause further irritation and inflammation. In the worst cases, infection settles in or a scar is left behind.

e) Use Allantoin:

Apply products that contain allantoin, which is known to promote healing by keeping freshly shaven areas lubricated. This ingredient also provides relief from irritation and inflammation of razor bumps.

f) Soothing After-Shave Products:

The genital region is a common playground for bacteria and with the added nuisance of sweat and accumulated grime – it is quite easy to suffer skin irritation – especially after you have nicked the skin while shaving. Prevent infection by using anti-bacterial after-shave products to enhance your healing process.

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