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Treatments for Razor Bumps on Throat

With all of the ridges and ripples found on the skin of the throat, it is rather difficult to completely avoid the irritation and inflammation that can lead to pseudofolliculitis barbae (also known as ‘razor bumps’). One slip of the hand during shaving or the unfortunate infiltration of bacteria and you will have to contend with a bumpy mess. When looking for a treatment that suits your skin and will lessen the symptoms of razor bumps, consider the following suggestions:

a) Free Embedded Hairs:

To lift embedded hairs from inflamed follicles, hold a needle over a flame to sterilize – making sure to wipe with rubbing alcohol afterwards. The clean needle is then used to release hairs that have curled back onto the skin and have started to cause irritation and razor bumps.

b) Fight Bacteria with Tetracycline:

Ask your doctor about prescribing tetracycline, which has been known to treat severe pseudofolliculitis barbae by combating bacterial infections.

c) Remove Hair with Lasers:

It has been proven that individuals with severe pseudofolliculitis barbae have benefited from laser hair removal treatments, which destroys hair follicles and as a result – causes the number of bumps that form to decrease.

d) Treat with Astringent:

An over-the-counter astringent can treat razor bumps that have formed on the throat after a fresh shave.

e) Styptic Pencil:

Pay a visit to the local drugstore and bring home a styptic pencil or styptic powder, which can stop the bleeding associated with irritated razor bumps. A natural mineral called alum is found in the pencil or powder, which draws the skin up to seal off wounds. Simply dab the alum on a nick, making sure to press down for a moment with your finger to cease bleeding.

f) Remove Dead Skin Particles:

Treat the ingrown hairs that may have caused your razor bumps on the throat by removing the upper layers of dead skin through the process of exfoliation.

g) Apply Witch Hazel:

Soak a cotton ball with witch hazel to treat the redness and swelling that comes with razor bumps on the throat.

h) Post-Care Products:

To treat and continue your fight against razor bumps – use after-shave products that contain ingredients known to combat infection and inflammation (like salicylic acid). A couple of items to keep in mind include Brave Soldier Code Blue; Baxter of California Razor Bump Repair; Anthony Logistics Astringent Aftershave; and Black Opal (Razor Bump Recovery).

i) Remove Ingrown Hairs:

Many times, it is an ingrown hair that is causing your razor bumps. Use a pair of tweezers to extract the offending hair and jumpstart the healing process.

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