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Treatments for Razor Bumps on Vagina

They resemble pimples and can cause great distress (primarily because of the particular location on the body we are discussing) – but razor bumps are a common part of removing hair and yes – can even attack the vagina. Since this region is known for rather delicate and thin layers of skin, it is easy for irritation and inflammation to strike. Add in the high level of bacteria found in the genital region and you have a handful of reasons to become familiar with the following common treatments for razor bumps:

a) Clean Needle:

When ingrown hairs are the cause behind your razor bumps, take a sterilized needle to lift embedded hair shafts and promote healing.

b) Antibacterial Soap:

It is recommended to wash the vagina twice a day using antibacterial soap in an effort to combat the irritating symptoms associated with razor bumps.

c) Say ‘No’ to Alcohol:

A lot of people are under the misconception that the only way to treat and clean skin irritations is to apply alcohol. However, this substance dries out the skin and can cause further irritation.

d) Salicylic Acid Products:

Instead of turning towards products that contain alcohol (which actually closes pores and makes matters worse) – consider items that provide the power of salicylic acid – which is known to reduce the symptoms and appearance of razor bumps.

e) Apply Over-the-Counter Antibiotic:

Local antibiotics have a reputation for clearing up or preventing infected razor bumps.

f) Leave Bumps Alone:

Picking at your razor bumps will cause your condition to worsen and can lead to scarring in the most severe cases.

g) Apply Allantoin:

Fight the irritating symptoms of razor bumps by applying a product that contains allantoin – known for pain relief and moisturizing qualities.

h) Anti-Bacterial After-Shave Products:

Since the vagina is such a moist part of the body, it is easy for bacteria, dirt, and sweat to gather. This causes the perfect environment for infection to take place if you should nick or cut the skin when removing hair from this region. Avoid infection and further inflammation of razor bumps by using anti-bacterial products after a shave.

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